Amanpour Interviews Cayetano 

After the BBC special, “War on Drugs” comes a special segment with none other than CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Notice how more and more people, especially the Filipinos, are all-too interested in the Philippine news today.
Cayetano knew the kinds of questions that will be thrown at him. With the many “issues” he could’ve dodged, he instead just faced it: 

That yes, there are deaths… yes, Dela Rosa said that shocking statement… yes, Duterte is a man of contradiction… yes, there is a senate hearing on the violation of human rights… yes, accidents can happen… yes, there are vigilante killings.

Afterwards, he presented his case: drug syndicates are killing each other, cases HAVE been filed, Duterte himself admitted there ARE narco cops, there ARE media groups out to discredit the administration, Dela Rosa apologized for his statement, this is not a long-term strategy but a reset button, the war on drugs could work because the goal is to discipline the Filipinos & instill fear in the law, the deaths are equal to drug-related deaths in the past administrations.

“Come to the Philippines and see.” Imagine more investigative journalists coming over to see what Cayetano wants them to verify with their own eyes. Facts, context, analysis, conclusion — hmmm… would be a great news feature. 

Watch partial interview:


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