Dangerous Tactics in the War Against Drugs

🤔 After watching hours of the Senate hearings on EJK and taking in news pieces from TV & AM radio, it’s becoming clearer to me that these cringe-worthy pronouncements are probably not slips of the tongue, not careless remarks. They are intentional. A risky, dangerous, certainly-inviting-criticism strategy.

When Sen. Escudero asked about any documents specifically telling the police to kill or if there are orders of “shoot to kil”, Dela Rosa (ironically) replied, “Wala po, we follow the rule of law. Para po matakot sila at sumuko, dahil mga sunog na ang utak ng mga ‘yan. It’s not just any war, it’s psychological.”

Of course, they know it’s wrong to use “kill them”, but they know it will work in this country where people will get away w violating rules because they easily can.

🤔⚖🤔 So, it now becomes a matter of identifying what weighs more:

❗️“Patayin ang drug pusher” ~ Pres. Duterte

+ Users & pushers surrender

– Gave way to vigilante killings & those in this “industry” to kill each other before either reports the other

❗️Sunugin nyo ang mga bahay nila! Itong mga taong ito matagal na nagpapayaman. Kayo, ano? Lumiliit ang inyong utak, natutunaw ang inyong utak, natutunaw ang inyong mga ngipin, ang inyong mga jaw, ang inyong mga gums. Natutunaw sa kakagamit ng shabu. ‘Yung pusher naman, namamatay dahil na-enkuwentro ng pulis. Kapag buy-bust operation…kayo ang namamatay. Itong mga drug lord, ang gaganda ng mga bahay.” ~ PNP Chief Dela Rosa  >> Addressed to drug pushers & users), then apologized for saying burn the drug lords’ houses hours later:
+  Will make users & pushers see how they are victims & the real criminals are still at large

+ Will push the small-time pushers & users to get angry at the hard-to-find big-time drug lords

+ Will hopefully make them report the drug lords

– Will incite citizens to literally follow what he says

– Will make citizens feel it’s “okay” to burn down the drug lords’ houses.


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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