Cheap Marketing

Two days ago, I saw the video created by Aegis Malaysia which brought out massive criticism most especially from the country it ridiculed – my country.

This is the original link and, of course, it’s gone now. But someone was able to upload it on Facebook.

This isn’t about two countries fighting; it is unethical marketing at its best. And it also shows  how big a threat the BPO industry of the Philippines is. If you look at this ever-so-thoroughly-researched AVP, they focused on things that Aegis Philippines did not have control of. And they carefully avoided the subject of what actually makes the world choose the Philippines when outsourcing — its undeniable skill set in communicating and providing customer service.

So, there always are storms? Agents work EVEN IF there are storms. There’s bureaucracy? Operations people work their asses off to meet the clients’ demands. The attrition rate is not solely dependent on these causes. Anybody who has been in the industry would know that it’s the company’s lack or absence of career growth offers, dynamic environment, incentives, and competitive compensation and benefits that plays a big role in the high attrition rate.

They had bloody well not get trainers from the Philippines to do T3 (train the trainer) sessions with their new trainers there!

aegis apology

Thank you for the apology and for taking it down. But we do not appreciate that a marketing material as impacting on behaviors and decisions as this has even reached production!


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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