Draw Your Curtains

Shut her out, take flight

Erase the memories with all your might

Cloud your heart with bitterness

Shout the ugly tale you’ve woven in your drunkenness

And say, “I’ll draw my curtains”


But, alas, she found a new life

A new song, a new smile

So you lift one curtain just to make her see

You are still the best there could ever be

But still say, “I have drawn my curtains”


She lets out a mocking sneer

Letting the words out you have refused to hear

You cry foul and feign innocence

Skillfully filtering

Attempting to further insult your audience’ intelligence

And though not needed, you say, “I already drew my curtains”


She moves on like the rest of the world

Lives and loves and cries and laughs like all the other girls

With no emotion left for you

No wish, awake or asleep, to think and feel for you

Now you plead, “I’ll draw my curtains”


A tragic cycle has lured you inCurtainsDrawn

Of drawing curtains to keep yourself sane

The false pretenses never hid your pain

And there is nobody else in the room to blame


Cause you forgot that it meant

That having your curtains drawn

Is either shutting it close

Or having it opened




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