If I Knew More, I’d Still Want the Same Thing

I’m confused about the Israeli-Palestinian war.

Hamas agreed to a ceasefire a few days ago, I’ve read, but kept firing at Israel. Israel fights back. The death toll now reaches 550 in Gaza. Earlier, I saw a photo of Israelis watching while the Gaza strip is being bombed, smiling. Israel is depicted as merciless and without a soul.

Then, I read  news articles and Israelis defending their country saying Hamas planted bombs in their schools and they’re demanding the Palestinians to stay so they inevitably become human shields. They say they have warned the Palestinians three weeks before the attacks. They cry out and say they are just defending their nation because the “terrorists” want genocide. It is likened to what the Nazis did to the Jews more than half a century ago.

War KidThere is a war that has been going on: a clash of beliefs, religions, and principles we will say; but the world knows the issues have snowballed into an impossible mass (and mess) of hostility of one towards the other. I may never fully understand the rest of the roots for I am not part of it. The watching world must acknowledge this before making judgments.

Yet, I look and watch with both sadness and curiosity.

I wish I knew more.

From this part of the planet, amidst my country’s own problems, I grew up seeing Israel-Palestinian conflict-related articles from Time and Newsweek. News easily reaches us now, though, with the internet and Google keeping us informed. Or misinformed. Yes, we can’t even trust some media groups because there are reports of those being controlled. We’ve become more critical of what we read. Credibility is now ever more valued. But, then, we’re also quick to question motives. You suddenly just wish you saw it with your own eyes. Talk to both sides.

I’m confused about this Israeli-Palestinian war; but it’s not confusing to decide what I want.

warI want life to be valued more; valued fairly without biases. I want tragedy to turn into a lesson and not into another tragedy. I want politics, religion, and power to bow down to the value of a single person’s life – Jew, Catholic, prostitute, politician, child, man. I want the grieving heart of a family or friend who lost someone from this battle to see retaliation as the  cause of death of their next generations.

We don’t always get what we want. But I still hope I would.



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