An upset friend called me up on Viber and scolded me today:

It was funny how she kept copying those little things – even went as far as painting you! – like she thinks we’re dumb not to notice; but, now she wants to look smart, too. You don’t know how many times we threw up every time she re-uses photoshoot pics like we don’t know what her face really looked like!!!

But, you know what? If she’s going to pretend she knows anything about the stuff she’s been posting lately like causes, current events, politics and all that stuff; she CAN fool those brainless girls and ex-trainees. And it’s not fair, anymore!

Now, I don’t know how cause she always manages to trace your accounts and she can’t stop talking to people about you, but you GOTTA STOP giving her ideas!!!

Point taken.


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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