One Song, Different Tunes

It takes more than a good singing voice to pull off this kind of stunt.

This guy just isn’t putting all these genres together to show off his vocal dynamics (although that long vibrato where he does Cab Calloway is noteworthy!). You need to know the chord progression and time signatures of the main song (“Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo) before you can pick the songs you can replace the select parts with. And then there’s the selecting! You can just turn on the radio and grab the first ten or twenty songs you hear and try to squeeze it in so long as you see the semblance. But, this guy carefully chose artists from different song types and vocal qualities!

I can’t say I’m bowled over by how he mimicked the artists. Anyway, I don’t think that was his goal. Couldn’t stop smiling and I laughed hard at some parts, though.

So, let’s see what he did:Talk Dirty

1. Jason Derulo to AC/DC — start with the main song, eh? From hiphop to rock!

2. From Ray Charles to Bee Gees (both uptempo from low to falsetto)

3. Bee Gees to White Zombie — the “When you” (play: heavy rock guitar) “talk dirty to me..”

4. White Zombie to Hootie and the Blowfish — one of my favorite transitions (probably because I’m a 90s kid)

5. Hootie and the Blowfish to Aventura – no notable changes but the way he sang Aventura was impressive (too bad the Latin-speaking peoples don’t like his pronunciation)

6. Aventura to Slayer – well, I’m hell familiar with Slayer because my brothers are huge fans so the evident switch from melodious, almost cultural voice to growling can’t be missed

7. Slayer to Bob Marley – change wasn’t really good but nobody ever really messes up when you do a good Bob Marley (“ya man!”)

8. Bob Marley to Beach Boys – this I found surprisingly pleasant, the transition was smooth and blending was awesome

9. Beach Boys to Will SmithGettin’ Jiggy with It suddenly playing on your mind gives that instant hyped-up pause to Beach Boys’ head tones

10. Will Smith to Kataklysm – hiphop to rock clash simply sets what this project was going for

11. Kataklysm to System of a Down – Oooh, boy — heavy to heady! I imagine my brothers headbanging now!

12. System of a Down to Slick Rick — really, with two loud sounds, a Slick Rick just really does the trick

13. Slick Rick to Bone Thugs N’ Harmony – this seemed blah to me though I liked how he rapped Krayzie- Layzie-Bizzy-and-Wish style (they’re coming over to the Philippines for a concert in June!)

14. BTNH to Scatman John – The succession of fast speeds was expected but Scatman fit right into the main song’s lyrics

15. Scatman John to Barry White – well, the long two-second pause signaled a new genre, alright, but who doesn’t love Barry White???

16. Barry White to Josh Groban – I couldn’t really establish the ever-popular tenor till those few fleeting seconds of “you-ooh-ooh-ooh”

17. Josh Groban to Muse – a little close to genius, I must say! 🙂 This just became the song’s climax! :p

18. Muse to Cab Calloway – Cab Calloway is the perfect extro that allowed this guy the chance (and the time) to show off his adlibs 😉


Now listen to the original hip-hop song so you know what I mean: 

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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