Werk the Bombs!

I’ve watched dance rehearsals of Ciara, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Pink, Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, TLC, etc. It isn’t just the booty shaking or the grinding or the outstretched arms or licking of the fingers — the video of just the choreography centered on this ridiculously talented Dawn Richard is going to get anyone hooked till the very end.

I can dance for hours and hours on end when my friends and I go clubbing. I have loved dancing — from hip-hop to ballroom to modern jazz to folk (ehrm..student duties) to line dancing (uh..yeah..that, too) to basic ballet. Dancing is something that flows easily once you hear the music playing.

Now this is the kind of material any street jazz dancer is going to want to ace! Hands down, Dawn Richard! Watch the jerks, the snaps, the fist pumping, the ass-bopping, the twisting squats! Damn, she’s on a league of her own. And as it is reminiscent of the last time I did a choreographed dance, I find myself shouting, “Ayyy!!!” once again.

Good vibes, baby! 😉


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