The Stalker’s Hate

There’s REAL hate in the world — there’s REAL violence and there’s REAL inhumanity. I leave for Lebanon tomorrow, tomorrow morning for the Syrian border, when you see that kind of suffering, when that exists, the more people would just meditate on that, the less time there is for certain kind of petty judgmental hate…

-Angelina Jolie , Entertainment weekly interview (March 2014)

People do have that much time to backstab, pass judgment on, criticize others. They collect likes yet solicit hate for another. Their obsession in finding fault to glorify themselves IS, in the grand scheme of things, PETTY. Just like those who would rather make time to listen to gossip than care about — or even know about — things that are affecting humanity.

“I never talk about you, Joyce.”

Tell it to the marines.

Since you can’t seem to stop “showing me off”, let me finally put you in your place with your very own audience watching. AFTER I attend to the non-trivial things.


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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