Tagalog: Dying a Painful Death

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Likha ni Chokulats

The national language of my beloved country, the Philippines, takes many names. From the 1930s to the early 1970s, to the latter half of 1980s; it was called Pilipino, Tagalog, and Filipino; respectively – the latter being the most politically correct term for “Filipino” refers to Tagalog that includes Western influences (English and Spanish).

Whatever you call it, I have witnessed its initially slow and now accelerating deterioration.  I am lucky to have been able to see Filipinos observing the proper use of our language when I was a child. I mainly attribute this to spending a few summer vacations in Quezon, a province where the Father of the National Language hails from (former President Manuel L. Quezon). Here, everyone spoke in Tagalog; not Filipino. If I would conveniently say toothbrush, it’s more familiar to them if you said sepilyo. I had no clue that brushing your teeth even had…

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