Love Your Pits!

Not a lot of Filipinas are comfortable exposing their underarms or, rather, people tend to make a big fuss out of women’s underarms. An outsider would probably wonder why.

So what makes us shy?

Oh, the many issues we have! It can be any or a combination of the following reasons:

A "hairy situation"

A “hairy situation”

  1. “not comfortable wearing sleeveless tops/spaghetti straps/tube as these are too revealing (yes, the conservative Maria Clara in us)
  2. She’s got a “hairy” situation!
  3. has dark underarms
  4. has underarm odor
  5. has a scar/unpleasant mark
  6. has chicken skin

Well these six items are reasonable. But don’t fret too much over them!

If you’re one of these uncomfortable girls but your reason is not any of the above, aren’t you being too hard on yourself?

Well, I was. I can blame all the deodorant commercials on TV. I can blame my mother who has flawless underarms. Or I can blame myself for expecting to have those perfect underarms in advertisements. Those ‘pits seem like a continuation of their arms’ skin! It can be real and not Photoshopped, yes, but should you be punishing yourself if yours don’t look like those models’?

Keeping it Real

Underarms are least exposed. The skin on these parts of your body is more sensitive than most of your skin. It needs extra attention and care but you’re going to have to learn to love it if you have problems with it. Don’t let it become an insecurity — deal with it. Nobody’s stopping you from getting flawless underarms! Tips, products, and services are there to help you. I keep it simple, though, I use deodorant less. Never used wax because my skin can be extremely sensitive. I haven’t put any bleaching or whitening solution/cream, too, for fear of getting unpleasant reactions. But, growing up, my mom (being the chemical engineer that she is) made me use tawas (alum, a chemically hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate that possesses a specific crystal shape) because she knows deodorants/anti-perspirants can cause breast cancer and dark underarms! And yes, like the tips I found here, just exfoliate.

So, raise your arms and show them ‘pits off… just like these ladies did (taken from Instagram):

And so did I!




6 thoughts on “Love Your Pits!

  1. I always enjoyed reading your blogs! You always have somethin new to write about, unlike other bloggers i’ve seen, wala ng ibang subjects na maisip to write about but love, travel, gadgets, showbiz chismis, food, at nakakasawa ng politika sa pilipinas..

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