Top 3, Baby!

Stalker tracker says, for today: 😎

No keyword search and went straight to the home page, not a post.

‘Nuff said.



2 thoughts on “Top 3, Baby!

  1. Oooh…damn! I don’t get that many views/visitors on my blogsite. Oh well, maybe it’s because i’m not really active online. I only look at and read blogs/articles that have substance and social relevance. I have no patience with non sensical, overrated, juvenile, corny matters or topics. I wonder what your co-writers think and say about such posts 😉

    • Oh, to each his own, my dear. If that means finding happiness in all things superficial and/or shallow, then so be it. Vapid begets vapid, too, so one won’t really run out of fans. Hahaha.

      The writers I know think objectively. They are fair judges. However, I’ve seen the most perturbed facial expressions when they read the posts. If my stalker fancies showing me off for all intents to bash me, I don’t need to. Safe to say my friends’ witty remarks are enough to last a month. I can NOT complain. 🙂

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