Once Uniformed

Once I worked for the flag carrier. I think I both loved and hated having to wear a uniform. That’s going to be the first and last time, though. 😉

Dress Code & Other Strict Rules:

1. Hair should look neat, preferably tied.

2. Black pumps should have at least 2-inch heels.

3. Nails should be clean.

4. Face must not be pale, lipstick and blush on required. Distracting make up like red lipstick not allowed.

6. Blazer must be worn most of the time.

7. Dark gray/black stockings required (opaque stockings not allowed).

8. Retain your size. Unless you can find someone you can switch tops/skirts/blazers/belts with, the new uniform is issued in the same size.

9. Maintain good body posture.

10. One sound per step only (the sound of high heels on the floor).

11. Bangles not allowed. We can only wear a total of 5 pieces of jewelry: 2 for earrings + 1 for necklace + 1 for watch + 1 for bracelet.

Now, I initially passed as a flight attendant but requested to do ticketing, instead. These are the requirements for those interested to be “PAL uniformed”:

1. 20-20 vision

2. clear dental record (if impacted, you need to correct it)

3. no pimples

4. no distracting scars or birthmarks on the face (cross-eyed, warts, big moles), arms, and legs

5. not older than 27 years old

6. stands at least 5’3″ (in 2005)

7. no speech defect

8. must be a good swimmer

9. should pass the “auditions” (where you do the catwalk under the scrutiny of senior flight attendants and take a panel interview)

10. pass training


6 thoughts on “Once Uniformed

    • Okay, let’s be objective about that:
      1. Banlag – no, as they explained, pax can get distracted. I haven’t seen anyone who’s cross-eyed or banlag.
      2. Sakang – the legs are a focal point, aside from the face; the rest of the body’s all covered up especially when you wear the blazer. For FAs (flight attendants), the legs are seen by passengers seated along the aisle. Sakang or piki is not a pretty sight, we all have to admit that.

      During the auditions, they asked us to lift our skirts a little higher while they inspect it. Then asked us to turn to the left, to the right, turn around, and walk.

      3. Dark underarms – this is okay, the ‘pits are covered. That’s something people get generally turned off about.

      4. Had a surgical operation (nose) – I honestly don’t know. I guess that’s one of the things they look at. That audition makes you feel like a specimen under a microscope. At Cebu Pac, I was told, they rub your face to see if you’re concealing pimples.

      5. “Retokadong ngipin” – so long as it looks good: “walang sungki”, “pantay”, front teeth not too big. Remember, I had to wear braces just because of PAL because their dentist said my wisdom teeth would cause my lower front teeth to be impacted in the future!

      6. Looks gay – did you mean the applicant looks like a tranny? No, I don’t think so.

    • Hahaha! You don’t want to be an FA, babe, you’ll just tell a pax, “Go get your own water!”

      Short ladies really can’t. I think them allowing 5’3″ is already something. The main reason is you can’t reach the small baggage cabinet above the pax seat if you’re short.

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