For Lean

This song would always bring back memories: good times with a college friend who played a role in this musical, jamming sessions, thought-provoking debate-drinking sessions, a much needed independence, happy times. My friend would knock on my apartment door and ask if I got time to jam. What a silly question. It felt good to have the chance to learn all the songs and let him practice by doing the duets with him, sometimes with a minus-one and sometimes with another friend playing an acoustic guitar.

On to the song

Women don’t have to be married to a rebel or rallyist to relate to this song (which was beautifully sung by Cookie Chua). You wish things were simple, things seemed as normal as before or as ordinary as what you see from almost everyone around you. But you respect your man and understand that this is who he is and it really sometimes is a matter of supporting his life’s cause. And that it can mean you keep your fears and sadness inside.

The Tagalog words echo through hearts of wives and partners of men who carry big responsibilities, big enough to sacrifice their own lives:

‘Di ko maikakaila ang pag-aalala

Na sa tuwi-tuwina’y dala-dala


Na baka mapahamak ka

Dapat sarilinin ko na lang

Kay rami-rami mong pasan-pasan

Baka lalo ka pang mabibigatan

Itatago ko ang aking kaba

At ikukubli ang pangangamba

Ngunit sa dilim ay napapansin mo ang takot ko

Ang dinaraing ko’y para sa ‘yo

Ang unti-unting matutunan ko

Pa’no  mahalin, pa’no mahalin

Ang katulad mo


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