Green Eyes

Everyday I look at you

You’re my secret obsession

I crave for updates, information

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Soundcloud…

Oh, tell me, where else can I go to get my Chokulats fix?

When I see you doing something I can, I do it, too

When I see you doing something I can’t, I criticize you

I’ll make sure I paint a bad image of you

(Oh, so now you’re a writer… Damn, what should I tell them? Ah, yes, you’re just a writer. Ha!)

You can never win.. You’ll never win

No, I won’t let you shine

Cause I’m cursed

To hate you




4 thoughts on “Green Eyes

    • It’s amazing how hate can turn to idolatry. And so much time in one’s hands to keep stalking me! ‘Must really have a sad life, persuading oneself and others to believe you’re happy. I’m glad people are not dumb to fall for it. “Sirang plaka”, indeed.

      Thanks for always supporting me. I know how proud you are of me, babe. Can’t say how happy I am. 😘

    • I know how difficult it has been for you to have mutual friends of your stalker because regardless if you like it or not, want it or not, word gets to you. But you are stronger and tougher than your stalker knows. What matters to me is that you never failed to wow me, to surprise and amuse me 🙂 You taught me so much on how to live a simple life, simple wants, simple needs, without compromising my standards and taste, which I never thought possible 🙂
      I, seriously can’t fathom how my everyday life would be without our intellectual conversations (di pa tayo tapos sa debate natin ng taxpayer sovereignty!), musicality, our hyena laughter, our cooking competition, our movie marathon, makeup, mani-pedi & spa session, and so much more…but most of all, how my family values and cherishes your presence in our life. The deep connection between us is here to stay and it’s irreplaceable. You will always have my unwavering support babe 🙂

      • I am always happy to be affecting people, my dear. :p I guess the amusing combination of copying and criticizing says a lot.

        And am I thankful I don’t have to keep proving my worth (admittedly or not). PATHETIC CREATURES like that are not part of the 3 things to my account that I need each day (as Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscars 2014 Best Actor acceptance speech):
        1. something to look up to,
        2. something to look forward to, and
        3. someone to chase. 🙂

        Pity those who need to prove how real and deep their friendships are, soliciting the world’s approval as if that is what matters (or maybe that DOES matter to them). We don’t need to assure anyone how true and rock solid this friendship is — what rubbish! That’s a fact people will observe, people who are close to us: our other friends and most especially our families.

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