What Is The Point of A Blog?

I don’t believe that people can be taught how to write, either. And, yes, if you don’t have anything to blog about, don’t do it.

I am one of the first to raise their hands when asked if they have so many sentences, thoughts, points, headings and subheadings playing in their head. I often have to sleep battling about whether or not this topic is good enough to write about.

So, I’ll repost this blog to remind myself that if I have something to blog about, then I’ll go ahead and do it. Thanks, Catherine, Caffeinated. 🙂


What is the point of a blog? is a question I’m asked time and time again. Most of the time, these would be self-publishers are asking me where does a blog fit into the scheme of things?What’s its place in my overall plan? How do I know if it’s working, if I’m blogging well?

But sometimes, they’re asking something else, something a bit frightening. They’re asking what is the point of a blog? because they actually don’t see the point of having one.


Utterly irrelevant photo, but LOOK HOW PRETTY!

What is the point of a book?

Writers write. We may be locked forever in the battle between I hate writing and I love having written, and we may write not every single day, and there may be enough dust on the top page of our most recently finished manuscript for someone to write ‘REVISE ME’ in it…

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