Posted in November 2013

The Distance that Makes the World Smaller

The Distance that Makes the World Smaller

It’s been more than two months since my best friend left for the U.S. And, although, it proved to be really tough saying bye; it actually just brought us closer and made our friendship stronger. Patience Time zones, work, itineraries will get in the way but we both had to learn to be more patient … Continue reading

What Is The Point of A Blog?

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What is the point of a blog? is a question I’m asked time and time again. Most of the time, these would be self-publishers are asking me where does a blog fit into the scheme of things? What’s its place in my overall plan? How do I know if…

Unprofessional Broadcasting

The ironic use of “po” and “opo”, the sarcastic reply to a clarifying question, the rude comment, “Panira ka ng araw eh!” and “Sana po di namin kayo..wala po akong nakuha sa inyo!”, verbal collisions… What is this, Arnold Clavio? I didn’t have to take a few units in Broadcasting Communication to know what is … Continue reading