To Love with Eyes Wide Open

Love is blind. You don’t have control over who your heart is going to skip a beat for. The person can be smart or hot or funny, but always flawed in ways only you can accept.

This knowing of who the person is ultimately tells you what problems you will have to deal with — and that is what you open your eyes wide about.

Philippine living legend Freddie Aguilar, the man whose song “Anak” has been translated into a hundred languages and dialects around the world, has been on the hot seat for a week now because of his relationship with a minor. The news has developed from a rumored relationship, to Ka Freddie confirming it, to people alerting the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), to DSWD looking into the story, to an IBP lawyer filing “Qualified Seduction” against the singer, to DSWD stating the girl’s family is “the poorest of the poor” (see story here).

People’s views and opinions are heard and seen online, in news forums, in everyday conversations. Naturally, Freddie had something to say. Unfortunately, the 16-year old minor hasn’t spoken to the media for very obvious reasons. She and Freddie, however, didn’t hide their affection for each other while the news TVs’ cameras were rolling. One should note, too, how Freddie addressed the issue when the case was filed against him: what did he do? He only fell in love and was loved back. He didn’t know she was a minor till after they got together, their relationship has the girl’s parents’ consent, the lawyer just wants media attention and to gain popularity, that there are bigger issues, that he joined the rally against pork barrel and did the lawyer do this, as well? Freddie said he was called a sex predator while kids are abused and go unnoticed. Now, people’s comments either ask to leave the lovebirds alone and address the bigger issues of the country like..of course…pork barrel or that he violated the law.

I’ve three things to say:

1. Why, for the life of me, did Freddie have to get himself, the girl, and the girl’s family into this mess and openly admit it? Privacy is priceless!

2. Whether or not the girl genuinely loves Freddie and not because of money or who he is isn’t the issue. Just answer the question: was a crime committed?

3. Why is corruption or pork barrel the direct answer to the issue? Can we not try to address this first AND THEN (just to satisfy people’s fault-finding ways) jump to bigger issues? Will addressing pork barrel excuse an individual who committed a crime?

It’s a known fact that one is treading dangerous legal and moral waters when getting into a relationship with a minor. Though it doesn’t stop you from doing so, it isn’t something you brag about — much like telling the media you’re a prostitute who only loves her hungry kids when you know prostitution is illegal in the country.

God bless us with wide-eyed loving.

Note: I intentionally didn’t mention that the two have a 44-year age gap earlier since this isn’t about how old Freddie is but how young the girl is.

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