Posted in September 2013

We’re on Our Way Home

We’re on Our Way Home

Seems like finding friends gets quicker and easier with the world getting smaller and since growing old inevitably brings new people into your life. But I’ve never been one to take the label “best friends” lightly. As a matter of fact, two people have already declared they were my best friends: one was this girl … Continue reading

Say It Aint So: The Movement to Kill the Apostrophe

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Today is the 10th annual National Punctuation Day, a high holiday on nerd calendars across these great United States. Its stated purpose is to be a celebration of underappreciated, misused marks like the semicolon and “the ever mysterious ellipsis.” But a better-known piece of punctuation has been getting some apocalyptic press…

The Unprepared Jury

Haven’t had the time to finish this blog. Well, here it is: Blogging’s primary function is to serve as an online journal, a venue to express love, curiosity, disgust, what not. That has always been what it does to me; not to get approval, fans, followers, and not as desperate as the mere getting many … Continue reading

“You can’t copy anybody and end with anything. If you copy, it means that you’re working without any real feeling.” -Billie Holiday

Music Revisited

My manager just couldn’t contain her happiness when she found yet another person who has my song on his/her mobile phone. I’ve happily heard of strangers downloading my Tagalog song, an English song, and my cover of “My Baby Just Cares for Me”; but I am unusually flattered that the latter was “on the website” … Continue reading

Protecting the Protector

Protecting the Protector

One can never tell how situations change your mind, go against what you’re used to, or discover your limits. Just like someone who is suddenly able to carry a fridge out of his/her house while his/her house burns down, quick decisions need to be made. I was raised to avoid conflict though I know it … Continue reading