Should Be Me

We’ll hang out and have coffee
Watch movies and talk nonstop
I’ll tell you how lovely the skies are
How bright the moonlight is
I’ll be there if you are

I’ll run to you when they hurt me:
My man, people at work, my mom, my family
They don’t know me like you do
I’ve never shown who I really am to anyone
But you

Lessons and reasons compliments and criticisms
I got my share of the best
From you, with you

The most insanely great times
This lonely heart of mine had
Were those spent with you

I wish I were her
I can’t bring myself to tell all the people
Cause I ruined you in their eyes
For my sake…
For my own sake
I wish I were her
It sucks to admit it

You two seem really tight
I wish I were her…
I wish it weren’t over



-lil cuckoo


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