“Hating on” the Catholic Church

A friend posted this link on his FB wall and I instantly liked it:

Pope Francis

I added a short comment, too, but didn’t know the next comment — coming from another person who’s our friend — would have so much hatred that it makes hasty and sweeping generalizations. The following thread now appears below the link and I think it’s worth reposting:

  • ME: He was elected because reforms were and are needed. I’m sure millions are pleased. Just like I am. 🙂
    ATHEIST FRIEND: what a load of hypocritical bullshit. it’s plain and simple propaganda. he says this while the vatican bank continues to launder money for the mafia, bankroll arms dealing in the middle east and in other parts of the world, fund a german porn company, rent space to the largest gay sauna and club in central europe and lend money and help keep certain “evil” european multinational companies afloat
  • ME: He is most probably aware of these allegations — at least by now, if he wasn’t before — but I am willing to see how he addresses them one by one (if he would) as he is a fairly new pontiff.

    ATHEIST FRIEND: I’m talking about facts, not allegations.
  • ME: I see. I have heard of these before but I’ve not seen concrete evidence. I’m sure you have done your research but please allow me to make my judgment after this is done. And if the evidence points against the Catholic Church, then the Pope needs to practice what he preaches and destroy what makes the poor poorer by first punishing those coming from his own backyard that leads to an undignified life.
    ATHEIST FRIEND: I’ll start believing that this clown’s a “reformer” once I see real changes in how the bank and the roman curia conducts business. Until then, this is all just talk
  • ME: I know what you mean. It’s been a centuries-old struggle especially amongst Catholics and the stench keeps coming out. I pray he doesn’t turn a blind eye on these, too.
  • MY FRIEND: hi chokulats and athiest friend. thanks for weighing in. pope francis is also criticized for his and the catholic church’s backing of the military dictatorship in argentina, which is being held responsible for the death and suffering of many dissenters, including priests who decided to serve slums and poor communities (like our very own father pops).the catholic church as a whole is being held accountable for a lot of shenanigans succinctly and damnably enumerated by jake.hehe.but while i take into account that this could be some pr stunt of the pope, i also believe that the pope’s pronouncements, in any case, are still refreshing and can lend themselves useful in the people’s collective struggle for a more humane and caring world.for while the ideas he professed are not original, they are something that needs to be mentioned over and over again.the weight of thought and truth about capitalist exploitation, moreover, are also too sharp that anyone who speaks but does not mean it will find himself cut into pieces or deeply wounded.i mean, the tyranny of capitalism is a truth that you can not just preach for the sake political expediency (that is why corporations had to fashion something called corporate social responsibility to cover up the perverse inequality and injustice in the distribution of wealth). you’d have to mean and practice it somehow even if you do not totally understand its ramifications otherwise any kid in sunday school would find it very easy and logical to call you a hypocritical bullshit, as jake put it. it is also good that his statements do not evoke (at least for me) the message that social ills can be solved by prayers.i haven’t attended a mass in a very long time. i wonder how these words from the pope are being relayed, if at all, in philippine churches.there is for, instance, a strike of workers in the coca cola plant in laguna going on as we speak.if the words of the pope are to be heeded by the his flock, then they should be standing in solidarity with the workers fighting against tyrannical capitalists like coca cola, which is responsible for what the pope thoughtfully and strongly referred to as the “cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal.” so there, peace be with you.
  • ME: Yes, Pope Francis does not do the usual “May the Holy Spirit guide you” nor gives a lecture on the harsh black and white dogmas of the Church. He mentioned “more ethical banking system”, countries gaining “more control over their economies”, etc. This was a speech on finance, the status quo of the impoverished, the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Is it propaganda? It most certainly can be. But is it untrue? No. And I agree with you when you said it needs to be reiterated from time to time. Now, I can’t tell the pontiff how to do his job so he becomes more believable and listeners don’t easily dismiss him as a hypocrite. Who knows, that might be the next item on his list (and maybe it’s just wishful thinking). But as far as the ‘relaying’ of his messages is concerned — right down to the supposed action the Church should be doing as regards actual current events — no, this has long been overlooked. And it is a sad truth that’s causing the Church to lose more from its flock.
  • MY FRIEND: Chokulats and Atheist Friend. another interesting news on pope kiko. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/309663/news/world/atheists-are-good-if-they-do-good-pope-francis-says

    Atheists are good if they do good, Pope Francis says

    VATICAN CITY – Atheists should be seen as good people if they do good, Pope Fran…See More
  • ME: This isn’t the first time. There are many Catholic church leaders, nuns, and most especially the laity who don’t judge other religions and those without religion. They don’t need to use the media to make it known. Pope Francis was aware of the issues that will be hurled at him when he was elected into the pontificate, centuries-old and thousands of issues unaddressed by his predecessors. He is the leader of a billion members. He NEEDS to be heard and he will do so even while knowing people are to question his ulterior motives. I know my religion is not perfect and I am absofreakinlutely not a perfect Catholic. But that man is still my leader and this is still my chosen faith. It is just right and natural that I stand by and defend what I believe in without disrespecting any other faiths/beliefs/religions or those without it. With the many issues – violence-rich ones– that sprung from these other beliefs, I find it rather unfair that my religion is always painted as the most evil. Bless this world.
  • MY FRIEND: i think the pope is doing a good job preaching the revolutionary and emancipatory tenets of christianity.refreshing.if his words would transform into action among the believers, the world will certainly be blessed.
  • ME: At magdilang anghel ka sana, Mr. ___.

    He has not made any more comments. Maybe for now.

    People sometimes SO EASILY forget one simple and basic rule when expressing their opinion:  RESPECT.


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