Fire We Make

“With the fire we make
It’s getting hotter and hotter
Like a moth to a flame
I can’t stay away”

They don’t make sweet soul songs like this, anymore. Whoever thought of putting these two soul singers together is a genius.

If Robin Thicke and Pharell had the same sexy falsettos that meshed well in “Blurred Lines”, Alicia Keys (indeed, ‘This Girl is on Fire’) and Maxwell are a perfect fit because the contrasting textures in their voices blend in a velvety sweet soprano. One would think Alicia’s booming husky voice would overpower Maxwell’s soft head tones and falsettos. Didn’t happen. Both voices stood out.

With guitar accompaniment and easy percussion, a slow rhythm, and a lounge music vibe to it, this song can be played from cafes, to romantic dates, to a night of de-stressing, to a breezy day at the beach. Anything other than that, I leave to the imagination. 😉

Chokulats is soul happy. 🙂


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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