Not Impressed: Recent Philippine Films I Watched

Films on commercial release in the Philippines have not been appealing to me. I see a trend even in good actors opting to be part of independent films because, really, that’s where the action is.

My movie-buff-and-critic housemate and I decided to watch what were showing and here are the films we watched plus my quick reviews:




I am disappointed because the Filipino audience’ intelligence is insulted by these mediocre plots and acting. However, I am proud of a lot of Philippine films, still. The problem is: do people get to enjoy it? Are the Filipinos only looking at movies as merely a source of entertainment? Should we blame the producers or the movie-goers who continue to patronize the hyped yet sometimes senseless? I believe both are at fault. Filmmakers need to feed the mind, touch the heart. The audience needs to search for growth and choose wisely.

More film reviews to come (local & international films). 🙂


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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