The Divas that Dwell


The sweet, serene nightingale Ella Fitzgerald
Comes through when I’m on laid back,
sophisticated nights
And I twirl my skirt about as if doing the Waltz at sight

Channel Beyoncé as I embrace womanhood
Swaying my hips, feeling bootylicious
And sing proudly of a woman’s strength

Enjoy a melody in the simplest of days
As I reminisce endearing moments
With Karen Carpenter’s warm, caring, and full-
bodied voice


I dig into mainstream and let loose in sweet soprano
From girl to womanly, from ballad to RnB
In all five octaves of Mariah’s melismatic wonder

Break into a gospel song with swagger
Feel my soul running free with Lauryn Hill’s grooves
Let passion rule and it sounds so cool


Immerse in my individuality and creativity
With a loud, powerful voice that can haunt yet soothe
When Anne Lennox steps in to silence all

The classic, brilliant voice of Lea Salonga
Shines bright most when I think of musicals and melodies        turned great
In clearly spoken words of exquisite taste


And who can forget, my mama, Aretha                                          She who taught me to demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Soaring high on a stage fit for a queen.

But when I want soul and fierce piercing through a woman’s        heart
It’s Tina Turner with whom I cannot part
With the love and hope still felt through anger and pain

I move my hands on my sexy bob cut
Look through my lashes and feel my sexualityimage
Through the sultry yet emotional style of Toni

These are some of the divas that dwell within
Whose music and styles struck a cord with me
Evoking emotions and personas that are
amusingly intrinsic.


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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