Posted in January 2013

Indian Bride Makeup

Indian Bride Makeup

I was asked to model as an Indian bride by makeup artist Mark Mendoza for his portfolio of bridal makeup. In 30 minutes, he defined my brows, accentuated my eyes, and put on two shades of red lipstick. I was whisked off in front of photographer Ross Zarsuela and, in ten minutes, posed to get … Continue reading

Discontinuing a Vicious Cycle

Many a person confuse meandering with direction with aimless wandering. That is a seriously delusional take on how life is lived for discoveries and searching and adventures still ultimately have goals — usually the pursuit of happiness. This video wisely talks of how we tend to waste our lives aiming incorrectly and passing that kind … Continue reading

Easy, Sexy Tips

Easy, Sexy Tips

After resting your nails, you can always go for the classic manicure — the french tip. A neutral shade can be used for the rest of the nails but colorless polish is the fastest. It’s as casual as it is sophisticated. And definitely sexy… Nothing beats timeless tips! 😉

My Top Female Singers from the Philippines

Whatever music genre it is, you cannot ignore a great singing voice when you hear it. Here are the ladies with such voice that top my list (in no particular order): 1. Radha (from the band Kulay) 2. Grace Nono (who doesn’t believe in pop culture) 3. Marinel Santos (Star in Million finalist) 4. Joey … Continue reading

A “Saint” in a Coffin

As if to re-establish how Filipinos think and act based on principles and faith the same way Asia’s top film, “Himala” (which stars the unparalleled Ms. Nora Aunor), did; here comes “Sta. Niña”, a 2012 Cinemalaya entry. Not surprisingly, Coco Martin and Alessandra de Rossi’s performances were exemplary, especially if you compare them to the … Continue reading

Response to Should Writers Blog?

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The Christmas holidays gave me some time to reflect on writing and the flu, which are an oddly similar afflictions.  One of thing that I kept circling back to was this question: Do we writers need to have blogs? I started this blog back in 2011 to give out free writing…

The Divas that Dwell

The Divas that Dwell

The sweet, serene nightingale Ella Fitzgerald Comes through when I’m on laid back, sophisticated nights And I twirl my skirt about as if doing the Waltz at sight Channel Beyoncé as I embrace womanhood Swaying my hips, feeling bootylicious And sing proudly of a woman’s strength Enjoy a melody in the simplest of days As … Continue reading

What’s at Stake?

Now and then, I watch and hear news about a hold up, snatching, theft, robbery. Whatever you call it, it means the same thing: stolen possessions that now, as unnecessary as it is, require victims getting hurt. I was a victim. I was on my way home from working on the mid-shift and had to … Continue reading