My Only Accessory

I’ve tried earrings, necklaces,bangles, headbands, what not. But I always found them either heavy or annoying. I suppose my mom isn’t giving up because she still gives me some items — items that would usually end up in my drawers. But, this I can readily say: I’m quite particular with nails. Call it a fetish but I hardly think I’m obsessed with it. I’d say it’s taking advantage of how healthy and strong my nails are. I remember back in college, in a Biography class, when our professor said a person whose nails are hard and white as they grew longer has lots of Vitamin D (hang on a second, I am not so sure which vitamin it is! Aargh…)


So, my nails grow long fast and I enjoy painting them myself (it destresses me). I’ve never cut it oval-shaped cause I love square french tips. Or neutral shades.


Or really dark colors…






I try to match the colors with the palette of my work ensemble. It’s okay to be girly but it’s more logical to choose chic, instead. I can use bright colors in more appropriate venues. Whatever the case, I make sure I rest my nails. Nothing beats clean, un-colored nails, still. 🙂


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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