Guilty Drama Queen

This is in response to the blog:

And So the Telenovela-ish Drama Continues.

For any person to believe a good actor is understadable. But for any person to insist what she knows is bible truth? Sinful.

I have met interesting people, acquaintances, and friends in my life and I’ve met one that doesn’t even compare to all my friends put together. I was taught to be critical, reasonable, rational, logical, and most of all, to be judgmental only when there is an oppressed and especially when there is sufficient proof followed by a wise and thorough analysis — yes, taught by this same friend.

You’d wonder how a refined, intelligent, and highly talented and skilled person who is not known to be a pushover could be fooled by a dubious actor. Or maybe the question should be about how a person turns out to be scheming and genuinely untrue for the truth that is reason and logic has never even enlightened her mind. Well, maybe we shouldn’t be asking how that happened but why it had to happen. And though pain had to be part of it, I’m definite my best friend has learned not to let the same person affect her, anymore — just like that pain and betrayal she felt after getting maligned and backbitten
to an uneducated and easily-swayed group.

As I am confident that my friends and other people can no longer step on me, I am confident that my best friend has learned to accept the reality of being hurt by those she trusted much and I’m proud to say she’s been moving on with happiness and definitely a clean conscience.

Which is what I cannot say for the fake actress that more than wronged her.

So this I say to her:

You have maligned the greatest friend I have in more ways than one. You told not just one person so many accusatory, derogatory, demeaning, insulting, and implying remarks. And they are complete lies cause I’ve witnessed and seen all the hard evidence (I read the breakup email, your emails to the person you previously called fictitious character, the Pretty Woman contract that you’ve handwritten, first hand sources and witnesses, bills, etc.) You are a disgusting human being because the truth just keeps revealing itself and you still, to this day, bring back age-old arguments that have long been explained.

You should’ve posted this photo in that blog so any reader is warned:

The people who have spoken about your dramatic story don’t even know each
other.  And some don’t even know my best friend. They know just you and
me, and some just know you and talked to people who know me. How on
earth are people who are complete strangers to each other able to know
the exact same bits and details to a story (your story)? And how can you say you don’t talk when first hand information was verified to have come from your mouth? You really do have a big mouth and you surround yourself with those like you  (although I think you just really like talking about yourself that’s why people just naturally pass on what sounds interesting. Or annoying). And one other thing, these ancient arguments and irrational reasons and carefully edited parts of the story that you just published for the..uh..thousands (seriously?) of readers to view are the exact words that came from those that came up to me before I even knew you exist — almost four years ago. Evidence of you talking: a big check.

What was that again,  you’re “finally” airing your side? Correction: you’re just posting the story online this time but it’s really just the same revised story you’ve told individuals straight from your mouth for four years. Haven’t we debated about these via email and you turned out to be the biggest loser? For a person who brags about her many jobs, you’ve got a lot of time in your hands to have time for me and my best friend. Don’t bother saying anything, denial queen.

Never accuse my best friend again. You know what happens when you do that.  Don’t think you can get away by saying “a stranger” is attacking you when you didn’t do anything to me. You know you did. I got my own pieces of evidence and witnesses and I assure you, I can look you in the eye with a straight face and tell you you’re lying — forget the Internet, I can do that face to face. I am doing what any good friend will do to a friend who has always stood by her and protected her. If she had no one to defend her (though she absolutely can defend herself like what she’s always done) because she chose to deal with it in private and not involve anyone else and later on suffer because you cunningly did the exact opposite (by going to friends and getting their sympathy at the expense of ruining two people’s character), that’s over now. I got her back. You’ve gotten me involved because you maligned me, too, and I have more than enough proof to disprove all of the lies you continuously put forth for more strangers and new characters to see.

I didn’t start the fire. But I’ll put it out.

It’s so easy to see you’re bluffing when you say people tell you what we supposedly said about you. Why? We don’t fucking gossip. And we most especially don’t talk about you. If anything, you must know that you’re still the laughingstock of various groups of people, and that’s why you assume we talk about you. And, anyway, it’s enough that you’ve made us famous in your group, thank you. 🙂

So, if we don’t talk about you, what do we do? You should know the answer because you’ve been our avid fan and ultimate stalker. Thanks to you, we’ve gotten more fans, too! (Ooopps.. you didn’t know, they have brains and can think for themselves?)

It’s still amazing how predictable your actions and reactions are. You
have passed all my tests with flying colors. Thanks for verifying you
follow me on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and now on Instagram. However, I’d appreciate it if you had more originality or not be too obvious when you copy me because not all things can be applied to/on you and everybody can see that:

1. Eyeliner doesn’t match your eyes.
2. Foundation or powder should be spread throughout the face, you
forgot your wide forehead.
3. You like black nail polish now, too? You know very well I love it cause I just posted it on Instagram! They don’t look good on pudgy fingers, though. Try long nails. It’s more hilarious.
4. Being simple is something that should never be forced on anybody. Especially if it looks very unreal.
5. The customized widgets are okay. Try something else that doesn’t sound pathetic, though. Even the way and timing of your change in theme is just funny ’cause it’s too obvious!
6. Stick to frilly designs and cutie-patootsie fashion. Suddenly going corporate is just oh-so-amusing (and timely!)
7. Never, ever, ever use another dog (or animal) as an accessory. Your
dog never looked happy. Anyone with eyes can see that. Pet parents know and can sense what you’re up to! And, yes, you passed another test! I posted photos of my pooch and you write a blog about your dog. Tsk, tsk… How timely. Again!
8. Sure, try 5-inch heels but can you practice walking comfortably in them, too? Don’t you think your colleagues can’t see how glaring this copying is?
9. A broadcaster is different from just being a co-host. Goodness, you make broadcasting sound like it’s just reading from a script with a few predictable remarks here and there.
10. Your voice in VOs sound so genuine and sincere. Pun intended.
11. Right, try being proud of talking in Tagalog now, then sabotage
your Tagalog words by “Americanizing” them. I have so many friends from the south and they don’t sound like that in Tagalog because phonetic consonant and vowel sounds of the Philippine dialects are the same!
12. Your punctuation is getting better! Wee! Now, time to focus on prepositions!
13. Copying my best friend’s photography concepts are not funny. You’re laughable behavior of obviously copying from her photos’ concepts and themes doesn’t escape observant eyes of people surrounding both you and me.

I have so many other items to add to this list but those above are enough to clearly show that, yes, sarcastically speaking, you’re the one being stalked, they’re not over you, and we can’t stop talking about you. Right. Actions speak louder than words.

And finally, I am hurt by how you just treated my best friend with that ridiculously childish blog as if you were throwing a tantrum. You said you never talked about her, remember? People told me that you really didn’t. So why are you now saying she was your best friend and you loved her? Did you want to keep your friendship a secret? I know her more than you’ll ever care to know and understand. That’s why it was so easy for you to let go of a genuine and great friendship for your own selfish reasons. Now, it’s not hard to see how you desperately want to save your face again and explain yourself (not just to your friends, but to her this time, too) by posting what you think will melt her heart. Wake up. You don’t just sabotage a person’s character for the shallowest reasons, post another blog to sabotage her again, and then, through your actions, ask her to come back (we asked a psychiatrist about it came from an expert). Don’t press your luck. You’ve ruined her trust and you can do that again if you can, given the opportunity. Don’t waste any more of your time. She does not feel anything for you (and she will not take your photos, anymore, hello?) I know what you’re up to, kid.

Mutual friends have observed how you seem to “live” in the online world more than in the real world. If you want more and new followers, that’s right, keep liking and praising their blogs so they like you back — that’s the strategy! Good job! Keep stalking. We don’t care. We’ll just keep our tabs on the number of times you pass our tests. I’m grateful and thankful because we both know that we can never find anyone like her. You will never find anyone who will treat you, love you, and respect you like she did.

I don’t care what you say to others because you’ll just want to keep saving your face with lies and denials but I know you know I’m right: She has the better and the right reasons to say this to you: Friendship Over.

Sorry, but you’ll just have to get over it cause anyone with a brain can see you’re green with envy and jealousy. See, again, everyone REALLY has moved on. Except you.


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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