A Dog’s Open Letter

Dear Mamita Taba,

In my two years of dog existence, I reckon it will take a longer time for us to fully understand each other.

I whispered this poem to Mommy’s ear while she was sleeping last night for I know it shall take more than soft howls and barks before my message gets through you. I hope that in so doing,  you can see everything that’s been going on in a different light.

Here it is…

I Love Thee, I Hate Thee

Soundly, I sleep on the cold, cold floor

Here in my favorite spot by the door

Mommy has left for her work at four

So I let out my ever soft, ever cute snore

And in the midst of my usual dream

Where KFC chicken flows down like a stream

A strong force pulls me away… or so it seems

I wake up. See you holding my paws.  And, oh, with pride you beam!

Why must you always want me near

When someone comes close to me, someone I hold dear(ly)?

Yet when I get closer, much is said about my ear

And you must know this, really: it’s your wicked laughter I fear.

Maybe I’ve found a friend in my Mommy’s closet

Where you placed me on and inside while I began to fret

You laughed and why did you?  I just really want to forget

One night, the closet’s door fell on your leg without any regret

If you say you loved my eyes and how I look at people conversing

Why make it pop out while

…  Oh, my face! Please, please just stop squeezing…

And, pray do tell me

why you cast dagger looks when I’m snuggling

With my mom and tell her that my eyes are deceiving

Yet, still, after all is said and done

I feel that you love me though it just isn’t always fun

You might like me less when I smell like the sun

But your love never wavers, my needs you never shun

If in the future fate points us to different directions

I shall reminisce and remember all your good intentions

However peculiar and unorthodox these expressions

Of your love for me are, one will see love’s simplicity in all its complications

Love me today. Hate me tomorrow.

The day after that, your love for me oddly will grow.

If Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, tried to figure out how this relationship goes

I’m quite certain the world has seen the last of his show.

I love you, Mamita Taba.


Schekie Taba

Schekie is a shih tzu and his Mamita is my best friend, his second mom. “Taba” means “fat”. These two have a love-hate relationship.  🙂


Your $0.02 are welcome! :)

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