Posted in November 2012


Finally…. In the coming of age of music, we hear genres mixing together and producing sub-genres. Still, we ultimately look back to the classics as the basis of what a simply great song is. And here are a few of those…tracks that transcend time and retain its beauty no matter how it’s played. Although simple, … Continue reading

Anything to Foster Nationalism

Rep. Antonio Golez proposed a bill that requires all public places and government agencies (schools, malls, hospitals, etc.) to play and sing the Philippine National Anthem, Lupang Hinirang, three times a day. Agree or disagree? Well, what is there to disagree with as regards this bill’s passing? I heard quite a few but, ultimately, these … Continue reading

A Dog’s Open Letter

Dear Mamita Taba, In my two years of dog existence, I reckon it will take a longer time for us to fully understand each other. I whispered this poem to Mommy’s ear while she was sleeping last night for I know it shall take more than soft howls and barks before my message gets through … Continue reading

When He Does the Puppy Eyes

When He Does the Puppy Eyes

This happened back in my old condo. My little ewok, Schekie, reportedly stayed for hours walking towards and away from the main door, waiting for me to come home. Every time he heard the sound of heels or footsteps, he would run towards the door, tongue out, wagging his tail. As soon as I got … Continue reading

10 Superfoods for Your Skin

Originally posted on Wiscellaneous:
As promised in my previous post, below are the 10 skin care superfoods as shared by Euphony Kgadima (better know as @SkinTherapistSa on twitter) at a recent fab event she hosted. There were some (good) surprises in this list for me. Eat up! salmon yoghurt almonds spinach tomatoes dark chocolate (yes, really!)…

Common Courtesy in and on a Passenger Jeepney

Common Courtesy in and on a Passenger Jeepney

  Juan dela Cruz has heavily relied on jeepneys for decades. It may not be the most convenient (and, uh, fashionable) mode of transportation, but it is the most affordable — only Php8 on a 4-kilometer-jeepney route. Moreover, it can be found in almost every barangay, town, city, and province in the Philippines. And just like the “bayanihan“, … Continue reading