Voters’ Precinct Finder

Voters’ Precinct Finder

Now that the Philippine elections are coming up, a college friend informed me that I can check my registration status and, most especially, find out what the hell happened to my voter’s ID.

Thanks to this application, I now know that my ID’s finally been printed. After two years. Well, I should be lucky; some got it after five years. My mom never got it.

Oh, boy… when will we ever cut bureaucracy?

To be fair, though, this is still a step forward; not to mention the fact that it encourages voters to be vigilant and protect their right to vote from cheaters. The results, also, show a complete list of a voter’s registration details that includes a map of the precinct. I hope we can come up with a phone app for this, though.

Now, on to more important things: Who will I vote for? I’ve made a few mistakes in the past elections. I know not to rely on advertised platforms now. With the limitless advantages a voter has in social media, it is irresponsible for a citizen not to do his/her research first.

Cause my vote counts.


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