Posted in August 2009

Broken But Whole

I still remember the pain I felt Moments I’ve always longed to forget And the fear. Sometimes, I feel it’s near And the hurt. Sometimes, I feel like dirt But I’ll go on And I’ll stay strong… You had me wounded And it felt so cold Yes I am broken But I will be whole … Continue reading

I Write My Life

There’s no limit to possibilities There’s no limit to what you can be It’s what you write Know that you’re the author of your life No illness is incurable No battle is not winnable When you will it Know that you have the power to Soar high And eveything you write of is your life … Continue reading

You’ll Be Mine

You think I’m a shy girl You think I won’t rule your world But think twice, ’cause you’ll be mine And I’ve been eyeing you for quite a while I’ve been holding back my feelings This unrequited love won’t go away Until I do something today   Cause I… I am what you’ve been waiting for … Continue reading